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Wanda Woof Dog Training
Gentle, effective training ​for your canine companion.
Deaf Dog Training 
Your new family member doesn't listen and - oh no - you realize she's deaf. GOOD NEWS - It is  EASY to train a deaf  dog. You just have to approach training a bit differently. ​​
 Puppy Basics (group class)
The class is taught OFF LEASH in an enclosed area. Learn about body language, animal husbandry, health and the basics: Sit, Stand, Down, Off, Take It, Leave It, Drop It, Come When Called, and Walk Nice on a Leash.
The last 15 minutes of class include social interaction with puppy-friendly, adult dogs . Attend classes 1 hour/week for six weeks to earn your AKC Puppy S.T.A.R. designation.

Canine Good Citizen (group or private lessons)

In-Home Manners (private)

Want to work on specific manners challenges like Stop Jumping, Counter Surfing, General Fears/Nervousness, Barking, Come When Called, Wait At The Door, and more? Private training is for you.
Learn the ten critical behaviors to make your dog a Canine Good Citizen.
1) Accepting a friendly stranger, 2) Sitting Politely for Petting, 3) Appearance and Grooming, 4) Out for a Walk - Loose Lead, 5)  Walking through a Crowd, 6) Sit and Down on Command and Staying in Place, 7) Coming When Called. 8) Reacation to Another Dog, 9) Reaction to Distraction, 10) Supervised Separation.

Growly Dog

Is your dog choosy about his friends? Does he get nervous at the dog park? Not every dog likes every other dog. But you can desentitize your dog so he is tolerant of other dogs. Desensitization takes time but there are exercises you can do on your own. I can help you get started.